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  Jo-Anna Lynch
Assistant Professor
Institute for Language Education and Research
Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Topic: Group Work as a Way to Alleviate Teacher Burden in the English Mediated Instruction Classroom
As English becomes ever increasingly important in the world today, more schools and governments are implementing not only English language lessons into curricula, but also mandating that more and more subject coursework be taught in English as well. Teachers themselves are often non-native speakers as well, which, when either teacher or student is not at an academic level of English can be a recipe for disaster. English Mediated Instruction (EMI) can be defined as main subject courses which are taught in English to a mainly non-native speaking student body. This presentation will begin with a brief introduction to EMI, explain the rationale of using more group work and less lecture during class time in the EMI classroom, and then will introduce effective means of implementing group work, including types of group work and examples of group activities. While the focus of this presentation will be on EMI, the pedagogical implications can carry over to any classroom from kindergarten to adult, regardless of the language of instruction or subject matter.  
Introduction of Lecturer
Jo-Anna Lynch is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Language Education and Research at Seoul National University of Science and Technology. She graduated from St. Michael's College in Vermont, USA in 2013 with her MA TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). She has taught English for over 7 years, mainly in Korea, but also in the USA, Chile, Republic of Georgia and India.  Her main areas of interest are in communicative language teaching (CLT) and Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL). She is an avid language learner and culture shock junkie, which has led her to travel through 4 continents. 

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